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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Hypocrisy of “I"

Most relationships comprise of different flavors: a little Care, a little fight, a little joy, a little happiness, a little tension but the bottom line is everything is cooked with Love. Every new dish that we taste every day is cooked on love; be it sweet ‘kheer’ of caring words or ‘chilly paneer’ of fights the fire that cooks it is Love and that is what is important.

The Hypocrisy of “I” is that, when we are happy and our Ego is satisfied, we see the fire of love behind every dish and appreciate the feelings; but when “I” does not get its expected Importance, the same fire of love appears to be volcano of misunderstanding. What to speak of the spicy ‘chilly paneer’ (fights) even the ‘kheer’ appears to be an expression of sarcasm.
There is no problem in expressing anger, irritation or frustration. We need variation in Life, imagine eating only rice every day or only kheer every day or only karela every day; sounds boring, isn’t it? Recently I read this quote online “To tolerate means to see things with heart and not eyes” by (forgot the author).

So expressing anger, irritation, disappointment is perfectly fine. What goes wrong is looking at the things with the eye of ‘I’ and not feeling it with Heart. It is the Hypocrisy of I that does not let us see the Love and care behind anger, and we are fed up of fights, of irritation etc. etc. etc.

In relationships more than expecting to be understood it is important to try to understand, at the end we are together for Krishna to serve him and not serve our senses. If one fails to understand the other should try to understand, we are all bound to be conquered by our senses, it may seem irrelevant, unexpected, not right but it is very natural to behave Human because we are Human still.
When we think the other person is wrong there are two possibilities: one the person is actually wrong or second that it is the “I” that presents them as wrong. In either case fighting and shouting and getting angry is not the solution. Speaking to them what you think and listening to them what they are feeling will help clear the confusion.

There is no one made for each other in this world, it’s just a statement to make us realize the importance of being together. We are all made for Krishna and we must try to remember this.
Whenever you feel frustrated the next time take time, sit back and reflect. What is important? To fight, hurt each other and get fed up of it. Or to end the fight on the cute note, forgive each other, and be happy.
Let not “I” make you forget “WE”. Because as Devotees we come together to Serve and Please Krishna, to help each other improve and accept each other’s short comings with Love.
Next time you want to shout or think someone is wrong tell yourself “it is the Hypocrisy of I

Monday, 15 April 2013

Be the Best Butter

Often we face many obstacles and Challenges in our endeavor to practice Devotional Services. Financial Obstacles, Pressures from Family and Peers, Our own instability and fear and there are many more thoughts haunt our mind all the time. It is very difficult to keep our mind Vacant, but is it a wise option to keep it occupied with worries and fears? Neither worrying reduces the Worry nor Does Fear removes the Fear, it only adds to anxiety. But we are accustomed to these kinds of Extra Curricular Activities, We make it our Prime duty to deal with the obstacles ourselves, to try and try to remove it, to keep plotting plans to be obstacle free. Let us ask ourselves, “Do we really want these obstacles out to perform our sadhna better or is it because we do not want to take efforts?” Mostly it is the latter part.
Krishna Loves Butter; he steals away the best butter. So why not try to become that Best butter and then Offer ourselves to Krishna? But to become the Best Butter we need to be churned and churned and churned. If you are scared of this churning will you be able to become the best butter for Krsna to steal you?
When obstacles hurdle your way, pray to Nityananda for mercy, it is the most gracious situation to take complete shelter, we are not the controllers, so lets not waste time trying to control our Lives. Instead of wasting our time trying to plan out ways to remove our obstacles, it is better to use that time planning ‘how to still serve in the existing situation’.Let the churning be, you just concentrate on becoming that sweet delicious butter.   
When the Gopis wanted to observe the Katyayani Vrata to attain Krishna as their husbands, Krishna wouldn’t let them do it. He complained to their families, he would disturb them in their pooja, steal their samagri etc etc… He always came up with excellent ways to stop them. But the Gopis hardly bothered of what this Prankster would do, they were more focused in completing the Vrata and so did they. Krishna had to finally give up. He couldn’t resist tasting the butter of their Love.
If you get scared, worried or upset with the churning how will you ever be the Best Butter? Let as many churnings come so you become the softest most delicious butter for krsna to resist. Smile when next time you face any obstacle, Krsna is challenging you, and he loves to be defeated. Soon he will Steal the Butter of Your Love.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

A look at the mirror

I had once read somewhere "Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image." It was a good line to read then but realised its meaning tonight.

Realised how the snake of anger raises its fangs when the ego is pricked.Like a mirror our Life reflects back what we think into it, When I saw my behaviour reflecting my thoughts I can't express how disgusted I am to see them.Believe me it isn't a beautiful sight.

In the fantasy world of praises and appreciations an encounter with reality revealed the mirror image of my heart, this mirror was nothing else but my own rude and angry behaviour. By Krishna's mercy and association of Excellent devotees, I could pause for a while and reflect on my actions. I wish I had an eraser or an UNDO button, to just delete the abominable side of my actions. But instead of being sorry that I do not have any such tool, I am happy there isnt any eraser or an UNDO button in Life. Because if it was, then we would recklessly go on behaving wrong, and erasing them as and when required.
Krsna is smart enough to not allow any reversals, thats how we can remember our mistakes and learn from it again and again. True we are all conditioned, but if we make a conscious effort to improve on our ill habbits, Hopefully some day we can evolve as a better person. One thing that I learnt is after a dispute when we are angry, instead of finding a reason to blame the other person if we try to see our mistake Anger subsides Quickly and all we feel is humbled.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Or Job is to reflect the Teachings of our Acharyas who have burned their Lives like a candle to enlighten us. But in order to Reflect them, we need to be a spotless mirror free from specks of Ego Pride and Anger. Only then will we be able to reflect The Love of God and the teachings of Acharyas in its pure and Beautiful Form

Begging for Forgiveness for being a failure and Praying for mercy.
A Fallen Aspirant.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Our Little World

Reading through some quotes in my Collection I came across this morning, "Even Harsh words is Violence"- HH Radhanath Maharaj. What kind of violence this is, no weapons but can cause the greatest injury. And many a times this kind of violence is not between strangers, but only our dear ones, whom we are supposed to be Loving.
Sometimes we experience the consequences of frustrated emotions and expectations, This experience makes us unhappy resulting in Anger, Depression, Hopelessness, Insensitivity, Envy, Confliction, Lonliness, Violence, Selfishness, Vengfulness and whats most destructive is we become UNFORGIVING.
When few people come together as family, they seek support, understanding, acceptance and above all LOVE. It is very easy to support each other, help each other, understand, accept and Love each other when things are pleasing to our ego. But how many times do we make an attempt to support a person who had dejected us, to understand when someone was rude and harsh to us, to accept someone who has hurt us and to Love a person who exhibited their anger at us like an age-old enemy.
Its alright to be angry and upset with someone, but what is important is after we are done exhibiting these emotions how we get along happily forgiving each other, accepting them for what they are, and Loving them with the same zeal.
When an ice builds up in a relationship, instead of trying to break it to pieces with the hammer of ego, it is better to melt it with the warmth of Love. Love means to understand the situation of our dear ones when they hurt you and not hurt them back.
It may happen that when you draw the thought process of all family members on a pice of paper they will all face in different directions, but what we have to see is they are all on the Same Paper.
When you embrace the pain it is bound to change. When you offer Love to others despite their behaviour they are bound to Love you back with even more intesity than they might have hurt you.
Love and Forgiveness is the only way to fill the cracks created by Ego.
The world is becoming a Trouble machine with upsetting situations arising every moment,Everyone is overridden by thoughts; that's why they have so much heartache and sorrow. It is very important to understand and forgive the troubled heart of our dear ones and make a beautiful little world- Family - full of Love with The All Loving God at its Center.

Time is running and Life is too short to complain, criticize and hold grudges instead Let us appreciate, Forgive and Love each other.

Anger is like a burning coal, when we hold to throw at somebody, we fail to realise we are burning our own hands.- HH Radhanath Marahaj

The beauty of Forgiveness is that it cures both the offender and the offended. The Beauty of Love is that it fills all the hearts with happiness Whether you give or receive. Because Love is God and God is Love and Love is all there is. Feel the blue boy present among us, and act only to please. Let the World Experience his Love through You.