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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Falling Slowly

It was an ordinary day, took my son to his weekly visit at the doc. His body’s immune system has not yet learned to fight cold, which is why we decided to keep him on some energy homeopathy pills. 
On leaving the clinic, as I was climbing down the steps, I did not notice that the last step was broken (lucky me it was just one step to the ground) and I tumbled down, twisting the joint of my right foot and leaving my son on the floor. It was emotionally humorous that I was worried if he is alright, and he was crying thinking that I fell due to him being naughty. Pacifying him, my husband took me to the “bone-setter” in our locale, and to my great fortune, he declared that it wasn’t a fracture, my tiny bone there just decided to move a little.
He said at-least a few days for the swelling to go off, and me to start walking normally again and boom my chirpy plans were home arrested. 
Over-thinker as my personality compels me to be, confined to the bed I had all the time in the world to do so.
So the first topic of my contemplation was “why today?” I thought I could use a break from some “karma-cleansing” after the big burn and be a little more productive. But maybe that is not what I required, and I trust my Blue boy to know better. So I changed the question to “Why my leg?” The first thought that came to me was, that was the only way I would be still, I mean, I was working and travelling with the burn on, so it had to be my leg to put a pause on me.
Introspecting deeper, I figured this gem of a realization, that now I can share (Finally!!!)
Sometimes in life all you need is “stillness” to be able to see through, and have a clear vision. Like the saying “Let it be still and it will gradually become clear.” Not just me, but my mind was unceasingly on, even in my dreams. Now, it’s good to be busy, but not overwhelmed by it, that you can’t differentiate the truth from the apparent. I need to just be, not only physically but also in my mind. I always spoke about “give up control, and embrace wonder” I guess it was God’s way of reminding me to start living it too. I am often a tough nut to crack who would not catch up on hints here and there. And that is why this is a bit of a routine to have my realizations and learning so eventfully. And this time the divine was sure resolute about bringing me to stillness. Because I was still crawling with the little strength that my foot had, and then I got hit on the leg once again, swelling it more, to make me completely still.
Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity. In this age of distraction nothing can be more luxurious than paying attention and the quieter you become the more you hear, and so I decided to quiet my mind and let the soul speak. And I was falling slowly, in a deep calmness, in Stillness- the altar of soul, I prayed, for guidance, and all I learnt was to BE. As in my mind I replayed the incident, slowly, I realized, if only I wasn’t busy planning my day in my mind, I could have seen the broken floor, and tumbling brick. 
Also in different areas of life we may have our own share of falls, but it is in falling slowly, we appreciate the thrill, acknowledge the right cause, and choose the spot to bounce back, renewed and prepared.
“When you lose touch with your inner stillness
You lose touch with yourself.
When you lose touch with yourself
You lose yourself in the world.”