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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Keep it Simple

When we were kids, and our parents went out,Home Alone my brother and I would watch movies and have popcorns all day. That is what we decided to do today as my mom went out of town for a small pilgrimage.

I finished my work and left home. The riksha  driver Mr. Sanjay Mishra(I asked his name later), was singing some chaupais from "Sri Ramcharitmanas" Interested I asked him what he was singing. He explained enthusiastically that it was the description of Sri Ramchandra killing king Baali, and he continued, I love reading and singing it, its so blissful. Then he asked me about my native place and was excited on hearing that I was from 'Rameshwaram'. He quoted a choupai from Ramcharitmanas that translates, "one who offers Ganga-jal to the Shivlingam at Sri Rameshawar Temple, will attain 'Sahujya Mukti' after leaving this body."  And he Said maybe someday he will have the opportunity to visit the Tirtha sthali.

The journey was small, when I expressed that I felt nice talking to him, he said that his work is tiring driving all day, but he had a picture of His Aradhya - Gopal, and singing the glories of the Lord, relaxes him. And so he enjoys his work.

As I decided to note this experience I realised, how Kanha, gave me the secret to combat my stress- by singing and chanting his name and glories- through this Simple Happy devotee. It is so simple.