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Thursday, 7 February 2013

I am Krishna's & Krishna is Mine

I am Krishna's and Krishna is Mine. - HG Urmila Mataji
I dont know why, This quote or thought by HG Urmila mataji just keeps coming to mind... and it brings such solace to my heart..Most of the time we identify ourselves with so many false identities... I am singer, or I am a writer, on a humbler note, I am so Fallen, I am useless etc etc etc.... thinking over that line again n again... made me realise.. all these identifications are such a hindrance in our surrender... even when we consider ourselves fallen, the problem is, we are STILL CONSIDERING OURSELVES.. which makes us so away from the thoughts of serving krsna n gurudev and vaishnavas..
but when we simply understand, whoever I am, whatever I am... I am KRISHNA's thats all... there is nothing more to think about ourselves... Now when I am not mine why do i need to even bother about myself... I am Krishna's ... Let him deal with me in anyway he likes... Krishna is mine, so i should be thinking about him... how to please him, how to serve him... which again will take us in a deep subject... which let me just summarize by one of Guru Maharaj's Quotes.. that
"A devotee only desires to please Krsna and Krsna's only desire is to please his devotees, Knowing that Krsna's only desire is to please his devotees, the devotees only Desire to please each other." - HH Radhanath Maharaj.its alll just so amazing....Life is so very simple... We make it so complicated...our only job is to borther about what belongs to us, and we have only one thing -KRISHNA ...thats all... now it can be argued how do we have him... so he tells in Bhagwat Gita, we have him in so many ways... taste of water, our breath, our intelligence, the air, the light, etc etc.. above all his beautiful name.... his thoughts... they all belong to us... even he cant stop us from thinking about him??? Can he?? even he cant stop us from taking his name... because he knws by taking his name we are only trying to please Sri Radheeeee... so he wont stop us... he is simply helpless... shouldnt we tooo try to be helpless by simply understanding that we have nothing but him...  and therefore our only business is to just borther about him... and everything that will please him....
Then there will be no question of what I am, how fallen or how great it hardly matters....
What will happen to me, thats not important..
What can i do to please him, whatever he wants me to, it can be anything just follow ur heart he will guide..
Should I be tensed or sad?- there is no reason..
Should I be happy?- yes there is all reason, coz he is always happy?
What if i am not able to please him?- to measure materially we can never reach that level of pleasing him, whatever we do.. bt he is pleased just by seeing our sincere desire to please him..
But i dont have any sincere desire to please him:- Prabhupada said: "DESIRE for that Sincere Desire"Thats ALL... life is just so simple... SO VERY SIMPLE... :-)More thoughts are just flowing in my mind, m just not able to put them in words... please forgive me any offence in my feeble attempt to express myself..
Hare Krishna
Dandwat Pranam