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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Who is A Vaishnav

Years Before In my Quest to know more about the Blue Boy, I reached a Spiritual Abode(need not mention where)
When I enquired there about Krishna and his Shringaar and his passtimes, They asked me a question which made me confused. The Question was "Are You a Vaishnav?" I said "No" and so nothing was explained in Detail..

Sometimes Later I met With Devotees in ISKCON, who Gave me many many opportunities to not only Know the Supreme Truth but also the guidance on the Path Reaching back to him.
I realised My Question was so Beautifully answered by Srila Prabhupad through his Writings in his books and through his amazing Disciples.

Finally I knew A Vaishnav is more intelligent than even a Brahmana... Because he fulfills The actual Purpose of All The knowledge of Vedas.. by serving Krishna out of  Unmotivated and Unalloyed Love and Devotion... He is Actually Ahaituki Apratihata..
Thus he is most intelligent.. as he always acts to please Krishna.. and to serve his devotees..

A Vaishnav is more Brave than a Kshatriya, Because He tolerates all insults to himself and valiantly fights Mayadevi being determinant to Only Serve Krishna, Guru and Vaishnavas... He is always righteous.. and stands firm on his Principals... whatever price he has to pay.. he will never do anything that will not be for the pleasure of Krishna..

A Vaishnav is smarter than a Vaishya.. Because he always thinks of the ultimate benifit of all beings by always trying to engage them in Krishna Seva.. Which is never a loss... and losing yourself to Krishna means the complete gain...

And Despite of many such Wonderful Qualities... In his Heart .. A Vaishnav is more Humble than a Shudra...He is Always Trnadapi sunicena.. Tarorapi sahishnuna.. amaanina maan dena.. kirtaniya sada Hari... and in such a state he Humbly serves.. Constantly Glorifying the Lord... and Gives all credit.. always to Krishna Guru and Vaishnavs...

Such a Vaishnav is never Bounded by his Birth in any Varna(religion) but Satisfies the Essence of All Religious Principles..
as it is said..
"kiba vipra, kiba nyasi, sudra kene nayayei krishna-tattva-vetta, sei 'guru' haya"
 ---"Whether one is a brahmana, a sannyasi or a sudra -- regardless of what he is -- he can become a spiritual master if he knows the science of Krishna." -(Caitanya Caritamrita Madhya 8.128 ).

All Glories To Srila Prabhupad.